A touch-based puzzle-platformer
about hacking bugs to destroy bugs
to protect your sick gameboy.

Worked as a designer-programmer.
Made by me and the four otherĀ Pillowettes.
Summer 2014.

D-Bug is an iPad game about interfaces. It's a touch-based puzzle-platformer in which your beloved handheld device has become infested with bugs, and it's up to you to possess these bugs and clean Button from the inside out. For each type of bug that you possess, the virtual controls used to maneuver them transform, allowing for a variety of gameplay styles so that our beautiful little bugs can be at their best.

D-Bug was developed in the lovely Dundee, Scotland for the 2014 Dare To Be Digital competition, where it won the Audience Choice Award. It was wonderful but we are glad to be away from the seagulls.