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A compilation of games I made between 2016 and 2020, including solo and team projects. I was the programmer on each one, and made all art shown in the reel.*

*Except for the animations in "Welcome To The Underwhere!" Those are from Mixamo :)

A selection of 20 games to check out at


A few highlights ↓


Skateboarding beetles! Nice mix of gameplay and story.


Story-heavy game about finding your missing boyfriend.

The Underwhere

Chill game about making custom underwear patterns.

Emoji Charades is a party game about guessing phrases from emoji clues! It was made by GameCake Studios, where I worked as a game designer and programmer from 2016 to 2019. While I was there, I...

  • Wrote UI and gameplay code for gameplay that involved 2 devices

  • Designed and implemented the game's connection onboarding flow

  • Prototyped several potential gameplay modes

  • Made a very cute credits screen

China Times is an online history game tailor-made for 20 students who took a college course about Chinese history. I worked with 2 other team-mates to build it from 2014 to 2015, during which I...

  • Implemented player chat, persistent data, and a simple image editor for custom avatars

  • Released patches during the game's lifetime

  • Did extensive paper prototyping before going digital

  • Organized and ran playtests of 15-20 playtesters to simulate the intended class size

Hi! I'm Sean Wejebe (he/him), thanks for stopping by! I'm a game designer and programmer living near Los Angeles, where I've been making games since 2012. I love games that take their story, art, and gameplay in colorful and unexpected directions.Say hello at!